Hormones & Health


The key to staying youthful is optimal hormone balance. Hormones make us who we are and keep us alive. These chemical messengers control every cellular function in our bodies. They have major effects on growth and development, circulation, metabolism, blood sugar levels, mood, sexual desire and reproduction.


They keep our minds sharp, our bodies strong, our skin young and our blood vessels supple.


Both men and women experience a decline in these essential hormones with age.


Hormones can be likened to an orchestra playing a wonderful classical symphony. Each player or instrument has to play in tune to achieve that perfect sound or harmony.


A simple blood test will provide the information I need to ascertain which hormones are deficient or imbalanced, causing unpleasant symptoms and affecting your health. It is important to replenish any deficiencies at this stage. Your hormone program will be adapted as progress is made. I will regularly monitor your hormone levels to ensure they are balanced. These blood tests will be tailored and become less frequent as the body reaches optimal performance.


My experience has allowed me to help women and men in all phases of their lives to achieve optimal health and enhance their quality of life by using bespoke bio-identical hormones.


BIO-IDENTICAL or BODY IDENTICAL HORMONES are derived from plants and refined to perfectly match the chemical structure of human hormones and are unlike conventional HRT. Conventional HRT utilizes synthetic hormones which are not identical in molecular structure and include foreign, often animal, elements. These have been shown to cause side effects and in some cases increase the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease.


Bio-Identical hormone restoration therapy has been used with great success by patients throughout Europe and the United States and is currently being used to improve the lives of millions of women and men with hormonal imbalances.